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Vitamin D Injection

Prescriber consultation will be required before treatment.

  • 15 min
  • 50 British pounds
  • Teal Close

Service Description

💉 Vitamin D is vital to our bodies functioning healthily and overall mood. Providing a huge support to our immune system, Vitamin D wards off illnesses whilst protecting our bones and teeth. Known as the ‘’sunshine’’ vitamin, we mostly get our Vitamin D through sun exposure to the skin which is why we feel our healthy best after a sun soaked holiday. 💉 We obtain Vitamin D through certain foods in our diet but the best way to top our Vitamin D levels is through sun exposure. 💉 Sadly in our English climate, sunshine can be sparse and many people suffer from low Vitamin D levels which can cause them to feel depressed, tired, have muscle weakness, hair loss and even issues with their bones. Vitamin D also helps to keep our insulin levels in check so is vital in preventing health issues such as diabetes. 💉 Many people take Vitamin D supplements to give themselves a boost in Autumn or Winter in particular, but a Vitamin D booster shot is even more powerful as it bypasses the gut for maximum absorption. Going straight to your bloodstream, this booster shot will counteract the lack of sunshine with a mega dose of this essential nutrient, along with essential vitamins and minerals. 💉 The perfect remedy to the darker months, you can be assured you will be protected against the flu and other illnesses as it boosts your immune system. Your overall health and wellbeing will be vastly improved, with this vitamin shot also benefiting your mood, so you will be less likely to feel down despite the weather with improved energy levels. 🌸THE BENEFITS OF IM VITAMIN D SHOT🌸 💉 Vitamin D injection is a unique way to support your health and well-being: ➡️ Boosts energy levels ➡️ Boosts immune system and fights infection ➡️ Helps to fight stress and tiredness ➡️ Encourages healthy muscles ➡️ Strengthens bones by helping the body to absorb calcium ➡️ Protects the body against illness and disease ➡️ Can boost mood and alleviate symptoms linked to depression

Cancellation Policy

*A non-refundable Deposit is required at the time of Booking *This deposit amount will be Deducted from the final payment at workshops on the visit day *Deposit will NOT be refunded if the appointment is cancel or NO show up on appointment *If you rearranged visit at least 48 hours prior your appointment Deposit will be transferred to a New Booking *More than 15 minutes late for an appointment will result in booking rearrangement *Under no circumstances will refunds be given for any procedure!

Contact Details

  • 2 Teal Close, Wombwell, Barnsley S73 0US, UK


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